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Sugar Beach, Cap Maison, or Rosewood Little Dix Bay?

My fiancé and I have done some research for our honeymoon and narrowed it down to 3 resorts but they all look so good we can’t decide!

If anyone has any thoughts on Sugar Beach, Cap Maison, or Rosewood Little Dix Bay, we would really appreciate it! Or if there’s any we may be missing, please let us know!

For context, our honeymoon will be 5 nights in late May. We are set on the Caribbean since we don’t have much time to take off from work and don’t want a big time difference. We’re not huge partyers and we’re hoping for a relaxing trip spent mostly by the pool and beach, with maybe 1 or 2 excursions. Resorts with families are okay, but we’re hoping for mostly adults.

At first I was leaning toward sugar beach for the scenery and nice looking rooms, but it looks like Cap Maison would have better food. Good food is definitely a priority for us, which is why is we’re still considering Rosewood Little Dix Bay even though it looks like the travel will be more complicated. If anyone could comment on the food at any of these it would be greatly appreciated!

We noticed Cap Maison also had cooking classes and a trip to the market with the chef – if anyone has done this I would love to hear about it!

It also seems like Sugar Beach has a lot of day pass visitors… is this a quiet, relaxing beach? Or is it more crowded? Somewhere on the quiet side is ideal for us.


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