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Suggestions for a warm, adventurous, foodie destination!

My fiance and I are thinking about doing a 7-10 day honeymoon somewhere warm. We live in northern Canada – we need to escape winter!

We were thinking sometime November 2019, but the problem is we don't know where we should go. We have looked at Mexico, Thailand, Bali, Greece, Taiwan, Portugal… The only thing about Asia is that we'll lose about 3-4 days on travelling…

We have a budget of $5000 CAD, not party people, we don't drink, but we love to do some adventurous things. We would love to go hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, sightseeing, etc. So we also want a good couple of days exploring the city as well. He's into that so I need to take that into consideration… But mostly we want to get tired of each other in a luxurious resort/villa, have our own private pool or jacuzzi etc.

We are big foodies but from what I've read all-inclusives in Mexico don't really have good food and it will feel like we are still in North America which brings me to another concern – my fiance has not really travelled outside of North America however I have travelled quite extensively in Asia and some of the Carribean and the States.

He really has no idea about travelling and what it would be like in another culture… So I really want him to experience a different culture and have his eyes opened lol

Where should we go? Is our budget reasonable for our honeymoon?

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