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Suggestions for December Honeymoon

My Fiance and i are getting married on December 1st of this year. We live in Vancouver BC Canada and we wanted to go away for three weeks for our honeymoon. We are looking to do maybe 1.5 week doing nothing/relaxing on a house on the water and the other 1.5 weeks doing more tourist type things and seeing the sights. Right now we are thinking of doing Bora Bora and Australia since they are somewhat close to each other and relatively close to Vancouver. We don't really want to be spending a whole ton of time in the air or places currently affected by zika. Budget isn't really set but if we had to put a number we were thinking around 15k or so. We've also been to all your usual places like Mexico, Cancun etc. We wanted to do something different. Any help on places to go would be awesome! Thanks so much in advance! 🙂

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