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Summer 2025 Honeymoon Help

Hi! My fiancé and I are getting married this September and are planning for a later honeymoon next summer because of our work schedules. My fiancé wants to go “somewhere wild” because “you only go on a honeymoon once so let’s do it big.” His suggestions were Bali, Thailand, or Bora Bora. I’m leery of being on a plane for that long; we live on the East Coast in the USA and would fly out of New York or Boston, MA and it would be 26-30 hours on a plane to any part of Asia or Bora Bora. I hate traveling and flying- I’m not afraid, I’m just a miserable traveler 😂 HOWEVER, it’s always been my dream to visit Thailand, and Bora Bora looks incredible, so I’m looking for anyone who has been to share their experiences to help sell me on the lengthy travel time. I’m also wondering if July or August are the right times to travel to these parts of the world due to weather patterns or anything else. Any and all advice is welcomed!!

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