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Surfing honeymoon

Hi all, me and my wife are looking to finally book our honeymoon! We are planning on going in October.

We've been looking at several different options, but are both excited to book a honeymoon/surfcamp. I once had a day or two surfing, but that's been quite some time, so fair to say we are both new to surfing. We're both in our later thirties, so are not really looking for a party spot with loads of young people, but more of a relaxed vibe.

We've looked at some options in Bali since that seems to be nice price/quality wise. Also nice to have a bit of holiday after the 'surfing camp'. Is this correct? Our would you guys recommend a different spot?

We've checked for instance Pelan Pelan and Limasan Bali. Does anyone have experience with these spots? Are there any other places in the area you would recommend? Is it better to book the surfing lessons separately or is having a 'surf camp' type of holiday a good option for beginners like us?


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