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Surprise Honeymoon Advice

I was hoping for advice regarding a nice, but affordable honeymoon for my fiancée and me flying out of Miami or Orlando. We are getting married in early October of this year. My bride is the breadwinner of the household while I attend my third year of medical school. She works as a CNA in a nursing home, so she does not make a ton of money, and most of my student loans go towards paying off various bills, credit cards, car payments, etc. that whittles down pretty quickly. We are lucky to have family that'll cover the costs of a larger, cruise wedding later, but our wedding date is very important to my fiancée as it was her grandparent's wedding anniversary. They were the ones that raised her, and since they are no longer here, I promised her that date as a way to honor them and for her to cherish even more. With that being said, we are planning on covering the cost of a small, family-only ceremony in her hometown. We set aside a budget, but do to some unexpected offers from the MOH's family (who view my fiancée as their own daughter) including them offering to host the ceremony in their backyard (which is honestly nicer than most venues I have seen in and around that town). All in all, we are probably going to save around $2K at the very least on this wedding, if not, more that I did not plan on us having earlier.

After our wedding, we were planning on taking a small road trip to my hometown in Arkansas. My hometown is a resort city, so there would be plenty of scenic and romantic stuff for us to do together, especially since she has never been there before, but with this extra money, there are other things that we can do now that would be much nicer and more romantic. For that reason, I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding resorts, activities, weather, etc. in places like the Caribbean or South America in early October? We also enjoy the mountains, and I was even looking up things to do in Iceland since that is also on our bucket lists. I have been considering Colombia, but I have been seeing issues about heavy rains during that time of the year. The only thing I do not want to do is a cruise since that is what we are planning on having later, and I think it would be more special for my fiancée to have her first cruise be the one that we have the larger wedding ceremony on.

We met in Florida–and my family still lives there–so we would prefer to fly out of Miami or Orlando since we could drop off our dog and cars with them, and flights are generally cheaper from there. Worst case scenario, we could also fly out of Charlotte since our wedding is going to be in SC. Either way, any advice in regards to any form of honeymoon would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!

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