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The in laws on our honeymoon


My fiancé and I are having a destination wedding, we are staying at an adults only resort for our honeymoon. My in laws are staying at the same adults only resort while we will be there on our honeymoon. I’ve expressed to my fiancé how this upsets me, that I do not want to run into them on our honeymoon. But he doesn’t seem to care. He already had a discussion with them about being on our honeymoon, and they said they wouldn’t bother us. I also spoke with with and was met with the same response. Any advice on how to handle this? At this point, I’m letting it happen but I’m asking my fiancé for a honeymoon redo since everything is booked already. Also might be planning to dress sexy around the resort to possibly have them regret their decision on crashing our honeymoon. We are having our wedding at the same resort but not in the adults only section, they booked at the adults only for our wedding because thats more comfortable to them. But them still being there on our honeymoon is not something I’m okay with.

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