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Thoughts on Alexandra Resort Turks and Caicos?

Hello…. again,

My finance are not the most decisive people around and are having some trouble planning our honeymoon. That being said we are looking for somewhere relaxing (preferably adult only) where we can enjoy ourselves drink eat and have fun after our wedding. Granted we're cutting it dangerously close for a mid June honeymoon, but I've found some packages for the Alexandra Resort in Turks and Caicos and was wondering if anyone has been? We are in our early 30's and would like somewhere to relax, but I'm afraid this island/resort being beautiful and adult only, might only be older retired couples? Is this a stupid thing to be worried about? Is there anything to do here other than relax on the beach or is that pretty much it; is there anything to do at night if we wanted to go out for a bit? We're not looking to rage or go on hour long hikes, but I don't want to have to go to bed at 8pm every night because there's nothing going on if that makes sense. If anyone has been if you could please let me know your thoughts on this it would be super helpful!

Thanks again!

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