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Tips/advice/suggestions please!

European honeymoon in September 💍

So, my wedding planning has turned into Mr. Toad’s wild ride, and I feel like I’m just along for the ride as it fast approaches! My fiancé (41 M) and I (31 F) got an incredible opportunity to get married in a castle in England for free…put on by a reality tv show. We’ve clarified intentions and everything with the producers, they will not be creating drama around our nuptials. Which is all around incredible…and also means my wedding is happening in less than 3 months with approximately 0% of the planning done, because, tv shoot schedules 😅

Allllll of that to say, I need to start planning the honeymoon! We will be in Europe, so we figured we might as well hop around a little while we have the chance. The wedding is in England, we have a potential opportunity for a place to stay in Sicily, and we are also hoping to go to Barcelona, and perhaps one more undecided city (suggestions?!) if we can manage to wrangle the budget (budget friendly recommendations, please & thank you!). I’m really hoping to spend at least 1-2 nights in a honeymoon suite in one of these locations, for the novelty and festivity of it! Open to air bnbs or hotels for the remainder the trip. Any suggestions as far as neighborhoods, activities, or any other related tips would be welcome and appreciated!!! Tia! 🤍

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