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Too expensive?

I went to a bridal expo a couple weeks ago, and entered into a bunch of giveaways. Fast forward to a couple days later and I receive a phone call from a travel agency, saying I won a free honeymoon to Universal Studios.

After talking to the man about everything this giveaway includes, he asks me for my credit card number to pay for the $500 deposit.

I was surprised to hear about the deposit since he said on the phone call it was a free trip. So I asked him what other costs we would be responsible for, because if it was only the $500 we could justify it.

Turns out nothing is actually free, except entry into Universal Studios, and we would get a discount for the hotel room (half off).

I told the man we were going to have to talk about it before making a final decision. He agreed and gave us 24 hours to decide.

After doing some research and looking up the average cost of certain stuff, we decided to pass on this offer.

But after doing the math, this “free” trip would’ve cost a little over $3,000. Which, yes may be cheap to some people. But we can’t justify spending that much on a vacation, when we have other expenses that are more important.

I could share the full breakdown of costs, but I didn’t want this post to be super long.

After telling my friend about this, she said we were crazy for turning down the offer because it was still pretty cheap.

Are we crazy for turning this down?

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