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Torn between guided tour package, cruise package, or planning everything myself.

I’m not sure which route I should take.

I’ve seen honeymoon packages as well as all inclusive international guided tour packages on discount sites like Groupon. I guess my first question would be, do you think Groupon travel packages worth the investment for honeymoon purposes?

Destination: ideally Italy, Greece, Spain.

If we go the Groupon/guided tour route, least expensive. But it’s hard to plan for trips that have not yet been advertised.

Cruise : neither of us have been on a cruise before so the entire thing would be a new experience. We’ve been told that the all inclusive cruises are great. My concern is that our time docked is limited and we have to watch the clock to make sure we get back to the shop before it departs. I don’t like feeling rushed. My fiancé’s reservation is based on the recent new coverage of cruises hitting some rough weather/waves and capsizing. Moderately priced.

Plan everything ourselves : pros; we get what we want. Cons: time consuming and requires organization and most expensive.

Me: I’m down for anything, but also want to relax

Fiancé: doesn’t care too much about the landmarks and touristy stuff, just wants to relax, swim, drink

Other destination ideas welcome

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