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Torn between Italy and a more tropical ‘traditional’ honeymoon – live in UK

Hi all, as the title says, I'm torn between a trip up the Amalfi Coast in Italy (neither me or H2B had been), and a more traditional tropical type of honeymoon.

Both really have their appeal and should both end up being about as expensive (hoping to stay around the £2.5-3K zone) as we'd be booking everything ourselves for Italy. But I doubt we'd ever have a cause to book something like a resort somewhere tropical again.

I'm also a little cautious of the all inclusive resorts, I'm sure they would be amazing, but would want somewhere where we could get out and see some local culture and history too. Maybe Mexico? But also… Thailand? Tanzania? Dominican Republic?

We're honestly super open to ideas, but kind of want the right mix of luxury, but also variety and charm/authenticity… Help?

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