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Travel Agent Etiquette

Sorry if this seems like a silly question. We are using a travel agent for the first time to plan our Greece honeymoon. We have booked our airfare and the ferries through her. We are excited by the tour options she’s given us and plan to book those soon as well. But the hotel options she’s put forth seem less than stellar. In one city we’ve been recommended a hotel that’s a better value than her two suggestions (cheaper with better reviews, in the same neighborhood) by friends who recently visited. I’m assuming she’s recommending these hotels based on her fee arrangements with them, but some of them are like 3.5 stars on Google when there’s 4+ star options at a similar price point. What is the etiquette for us to book our hotels without her? Should we ask her first to come up with new options? Tell her that we’ve booked our own choices? Ask her to book our choices instead?

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