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Travel Agent said airfare was more expensive than entire budget??

Hey everyone, we’re planning our honeymoon for September 2023, and we were thinking Iceland.

I just talked to my first ever travel agent (she’s with Travel Leaders), and told her we had a budget of $4,000 – more than I’ve ever spent on any trip. She said airfare might take us over that, but she’d send us a cost estimate and itinerary of activities for the entire trip and let us think about it.

She just sent us an invoice, for what I think is only the airfare there and the hotel, and the cost was $4775. No activities, no tours, nothing else.

I’m appalled, one for how little information we actually got on our quote, and two for the hotel and airfare costs. I’ve looked at airfare and hotels in Iceland and it was way under our budget. I only talked to a travel agent because I thought they could get cheaper rates, while also getting commission from the places they book.

Is $4,000 too small of a budget? Would it be better for us to just book things ourselves?

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