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Travel insurance tips/advice/experience?

Hey! Probably going to cross-post to r/travel, but have you bought travel insurance during the pandemic? If so, how did you choose the company you went with? Also, do you book everything and THEN get insurance or estimate your costs, book insurance and the book everything else?

I booked our flights (Croatia and then italy from USA in May 2022) in September, but haven’t booked hotels yet. I got “fully refundable” flights through United, but am dubious that it actually covers every scenario (I’m a HUGE worrier. I would cancel the trip if it weren’t likely our only chance this decade to go). So I probably need to decide if I’d even need full coverage, but that leads me to my last question:

The few quote sites I’ve used recommend “adding on cancel at any time” coverage so I’m covered in case borders close. I can’t seem to add it to my quote to see how much it would cost prior to purchasing their “base” insurance plan- only called out as an add on I can add later. Is this just me being dense, or should I be using a different company/website to generate quotes?

Thanks so much in advance!!

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