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Traveling to Bali and Hong Kong, 7 nights total. Good idea or not?

My fiancee and I live in Seattle USA and were thinking of doing a honeymoon next winter (November). We want to make it 7 nights. We'd fly from Seattle to Bali and stay 4 nights there, then go to Hong Kong and stay 3 nights there, then return back to Seattle. Our final itinerary would be:

  • Leave Seattle Friday night. Arrive Saturday afternoon in Bali, and leave on Wednesday afternoon. So we'd get 3 full days in Bali, plus the afternoon of arrival and morning of departure.

  • Arrive on Wednesday late evening in Hong Kong, and leave Hong Kong Saturday late night. So we'd get 2 full days in Hong Kong plus most of the day of departure.

  • Arrive back home in Seattle Saturday night (saving some time due to time zone changes)

I have the flights for this all mapped out on Expedia, all that remains is to make a decision and press the "purchase" button. We are very type-A travelers (we don't just like to sit on a beach or lounge in our room the whole day, but we want to spend each day outside doing things). 3-4 days in Bali seems to be enough to hit all the major attractions like the hikes, scuba, monkey village, temples, etc. And we only want to see the big attractions in Hong Kong so 2 days seems ok.

But I've never done something like this before. Thoughts? Does this sound like a good plan or will be be exhausted and feel like we half-assed everything?

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