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Tropical / beachy honeymoon with some adventure, from Seattle?

Fiance and I are in the early stages of planning our honeymoon. We’re thinking tropical / beachy, and probably somewhere that feels more exotic / not like “a regular vacation” – so e.g. Hawaii, Mexico aren’t that appealing. I’m having trouble narrowing down destinations – at some point it feels like everywhere has beautiful beaches and nice resorts, so I’m trying to get a little deeper / find somewhere unique or at least understand the differences between these places to be able to choose.

Things we prioritize:

  • Affordable luxury – we’re normally not resort kind of people but we kind of want that relaxing / pampered experience for a honeymoon, and would rather go to a little more affordable place where we can get more for our money (e.g. maybe Thailand > Bora Bora)
  • Pretty scenery (ideally not just sand/water)
  • Outdoor adventure opportunities (snorkeling, sailing, hiking). Unique ones (waterfall / hole swimming, bioluminescence, etc) a big plus.
  • Fiance is excited about a private plunge pool, I’d love a hammock over the water. Overwater bungalow not required, but other unique / cool hotel features are nice.

Don’t want / care about:

  • All-inclusive (we’re not really drinkers, so it doesn’t seem worth it)
  • Night life
  • To do a really long flight if there’s a better alternative closer by (e.g. the Seychelles/Madagascar seem beautiful but are also about as far from Seattle as you can get on Earth)

Our wedding is August 2025, but thinking of honeymooning sometime November – January so we can get our sun fix while Seattle is cold and grey. Open to going right after in early August, though. Budget is about $10K for ~1.5-2 weeks, with some flexibility.

Places on my list:

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Tahiti
  • Maldives
  • Bali
  • Open to anywhere that fits these criteria!

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