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Tropical honeymoon from LAX? Location, resort rec request…

Looking into a June wedding/honeymoon. We're planning to pay for the wedding and honeymoon by ourselves because my parents loaned us $400k for a condo a few years back, and his parents are… controlling… so we don't want to ask.

We're north of LA so will be flying out of LAX, and have up to a week to go. I'm hoping to stay under $4,000 for both of us, including flights. We're looking for a tropical destination, resort, ideally all-inclusive… we just want to relax, swim, lay in the sun, read books, relax. We don't drink or party, so a party resort / city / lots of nightlife is not needed.

I don't want to fly a super long ways from LAX, since we only have a week including travel time. That limits our options – because places like Aruba and Bermuda seem too far (expensive flights / multiple layovers). So it seems like the only places I can think of outside the US are Mexico and Costa Rica. (Don't really want to go to the Dominican Republic because of the recent deaths.)

I found an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta that'll be $2,062 total for one week, but I've been to Mexico a ton of times (cruises/resorts) so I'm worried it won't feel special.

Am I missing any tropical destinations that are easy access from LAX?

Can raise my budget for a place that's worth it. I found places in Belize I really liked that are more expensive, but I went there before and you need to board a small plane for a 15m ride to San Pedro and my fiance is terrified.

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