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Tropical Honeymoon on a Budget (March 2020)

So we're facing a quick turnaround on our wedding/honeymoon which unfortunately doesn't leave us much time to plan being that we want to leave in March!

We are looking to honeymoon somewhere tropical for around $3000 including AF. We are both young recent college graduates with debt which is the reason we want to keep the cost down!

An All-Inclusive Resort would of course be nice but can we find a nice one on this tight of a budget for 5-7 days? We've looked at Mexico, DR, and Jamaica and Mexico seemed to have the most options available. Because we both our in our early 20s we wouldn't be opposed to going to an all-age resort. We also lean towards staying almost exclusively at the resort and not exploring too much outside of it so that we feel and remain safe. This is not to say that we don't like those sort of activities but it just seems like on a Honeymoon we wouldn't want that stress in the back of our minds.

Please let me know what you guys think. We are very flexible and accept any and all suggestions!

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