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Tropical Reccomendations

Hey guys!

Planning a honeymoon for April 2024. Originally was thinking the Maldives until I looked a the travel time, hah! We are from PHX – looking for no more than 14 hours of travel.

Now we are thinking somewhere in the Caribbean (possibly Mexico, but not high on the list), but there are so many options, and so many reviews (that I don't trust), so Im seeking your help 🙂

Here is what we are looking for in the trip:

– 7 nights <$9000

– All Inclusive (like actually all inclusive)

– Decent food, but not a priority

– Tropical & beachy

– Nice pools

– Luxury hotel (not in terms in service, in terms of the rooms and amenities)

– We love to snorkel, but not a must

– We would really enjoy some extra curricular activities. Don't need to be consumer 24/7 though. Happy to spend a few days on the beach and in the pools

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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