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Trying to plan a decent European honeymoon… HELP!

I have been so stressed about this for the last couple weeks, y’all.

My fiancé and I were looking at an Icelandic honeymoon that was on sale for $1300 per person. It sounded perfect! 10 days/9 nights and affordable?! What?! Unfortunately, it ended up coming in over budget when we factored in the excursions we wanted to do. Then we did some research and found out how incredibly expensive food and petrol is. So we think Iceland is kind of out of the question.

We really want to visit Europe but it’s been extremely difficult to find something we can afford. Our budget is roughly $3200 excluding airfare. Greece seemed to be in our price range. I would love to do Scotland or Ireland, but I am pretty sure that’s out of our budget. Same with France. I would love some suggestions for destinations (countries or even specific cities)! If you know of any great places to stay, that would be helpful, too! I think we’ll probably have to stick with just 7 days at most, sadly. I wish we could take 2 weeks at least! I know we’ll probably get a bit of extra money from the honeymoon fund on our registry, but I don’t want to count on a certain amount. So we’re a liiiiittle bit flexible on the upper end of the budget, but not much more than that.

Thanks for your help!!

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