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Tulum, Italy, Mediterranean cruise, or other?

We cannot decide on a honeymoon destination for late June/July/August 2024. We were originally very in favor of a Mediterranean cruise because neither of us has been to the Mediterranean and we thought it would be a great “sampler” of Greece, Italy, etc. But the deeper I dive into planning, the more overwhelming and chaotic a Mediterranean cruise seems. Idk if that’s the vibe we want for our honeymoon (maybe I’m wrong?)

So, I’m now looking into Tulum, Mexico. I’m also contemplating picking ONE country in Europe, like Italy or Switzerland or Greece, and spending a week there (but we also find that a bit intimidating).

We want somewhere special that we can relax, but also somewhere that has activities to do (we’re not lay on a beach for 7 days people—some adventure is nice).

All-inclusive is always a bonus but not necessary.

Which of the above spots would you recommend? Or would you recommend somewhere else?

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