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Two people with opposite taste

Hey everyone!

I am new to Reddit and this will be my first post! We are getting married June 4th 2022 in a super small ceremony. I have always been very passionate about spending the bulk of money on the honeymoon and my fiancé agrees.

The thing I am running into whenever we try to plan anything, is that we both want to go to different places. He is leaning more toward a beach, snorkeling, relaxing type honeymoon, but I unfortunately am pale af & never enjoy hanging out at the beach. I really want the sightseeing/new food/adventure experience. We both enjoy Harry Potter a lot so one place I thought of is London and I’ve always wanted to visit so win win. But my fiancé doesn’t really care too much to go, but is willing to if I would be happy.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had suggestions on maybe a meet in the middle location?

I’ve thought of Mexico but not 100% sold.


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