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Two resorts, one honeymoon?

I'm looking into going to Antigua for our October 2021 honeymoon. I've fallen in love with Hermitage Bay, however its at the absolute top of our budget. Fiancé really likes it, but he's concerned it'll be too 'isolated' for a whole week. Theres only 30 suites in the resort and they're all very private/romantic. I suggested we do Hermitage Bay for 4 nights and then another less secluded resort like Sandals for another 4 nights, that way we get both the intimacy of one place and the fun of another. Are there other couples out there who have done a two-resort honeymoon on one island? Is it annoying to have to pack up twice on one trip? For those who have been to Antigua, would it be easy getting transportation from one resort to another about half an hour away?

I thought this was a really good compromise for what we both wanted out of this trip but he looked at me like I was crazy for suggesting two resorts. Please let me know if you've done something like this and if you liked it. I really don't want to stress him out on our honeymoon!

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