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UK and Ireland honeymoon recommendations

Hey all, My wife and I are looking to spend 10 days touring the UK and Ireland. Ideally we’ll fly into Heathrow since they just started non-stop from our home city. From there, I’m sort of at a loss. We want to tour London for a couple days, but also get up to Scotland and eventually Ireland. Ultimately getting back into London to fly home from Heathrow. Is 10 days enough for all this or am I being unrealistic? We want to do normal touristy things (i.e. Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, etc) but I’m a huge sucker for scenery and experiences. Scotland seems beautiful, I love scotch so a distillery tour would be great. Cliffs of Moher in Ireland along with the Guinness HQ in Dublin are also on the list. I would like to keep the entire trip under $10k if possible. I guess my question(s) are:

  • Is this possible all in 10 days?
  • Can it be accomplished by renting a car and driving? (From the US so assuming no issues there)
  • If we leave straight away from London to stay in Scotland (2-3 days) then to stay Ireland (2-3 days) and ending back in London (2-3 days), how do I get the car to Ireland? Can I even take a rented car from England across?
  • What are some places to stay in each place?

Sorry for being so long winded and having potentially way too high of expectations. I’m attempting to plan this on my own and getting frustrated that I’ll create a poor honeymoon for my wife and I.

Any and all help is appreciated!

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