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Undecided on what to do. Would love ideas.

Hi everyone, My fiancé and I are getting married this October. We’ve bounced a few ideas around but haven’t settled anything for sure. We do know that we won’t be taking our honeymoon until the new year because I only get 5 days of vacation at work which are all being used for the wedding.

We hate the heat and I have a fear of fish, so anywhere tropical is out of the question. He isn’t interested in international travel (we’re in the US north east). We had talked about Disney land but decided it wasn’t worth the expense.

So our latest idea was to go in the wintertime to Vermont/New Hampshire for a few days maybe find a resort (he loves pools), go up to Montreal for a few days, and then Quebec for a few days and circle back home. Somewhere in there see an NHL game since we love hockey and it’s on our bucket lists. And we’d talked about getting a luxury cabin in Canada possibly instead of a hotel in either Montreal or Quebec.

But we have no idea if this is really what we want to do or if there’s a better idea. Or does anyone know of any places that fit in that idea/plan that would be really special to include (ie specific resort, cabins, etc)?

We have time to think about it and change our minds. And I’m not against spending a pretty penny since we’ve been saving for this and we never get to take vacations.

Thank you!

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