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US based "honeymoon" until we can afford our dream (Iceland!!)

My fiance and I are getting married 9/21/24 but still arent 100% sure when our "minimoon" will be or for how long (probably 7 days inclusing travel). I know that's way way for away, but we're footing the wedding ourselves and don't know if we'll be able to afford a dream trip to Iceland by the time all is said and done (we also have no idea wtf we are doing…) We want to at least give ourselves some time to finish up the holidays/build up PTO again (so maybe for our one year or a little earlier?) We also aren't sure how much realistically we should be saving up either!

I personally haven't traveled much outside of our home state (MI.) I get extremely bored at the beach (hi there, ADHD) but wouldn't mind it as long as there's other things to do in the same day (couple hours at a beach and then a museum or ziplining activity or somethig, a nice dinner at the end of the day!) I really like active/brain stimulating activities (like amusement parks, really want to go on a mountain coaster.) I remember walking through some cave when I was a kid in West Virginia and thought that was so cool! I'd love go "gem mining" or on ghost tours, museums of health and science… I guess just not your typical tropical destination? I joke and say I just want to be Guy Fieri, drive across the US eating food… that would be way more interesting than sitting on a beach to me!

We thought about spending some time in a warm state (Florida??) For the "beachy relaxy part", or maybe some time in Colorado for a natural spring spa, or North Carolina? We'd both love to visit Washington, Oregon, Maine, etc. as well (can get some ocean views but it isn't all laying out on a beach and is a bit cooler!) I'm a very very pale woman who burns incredibly easy, which is also why I'm not leaning toward a tropical Sandals all inclusive.

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