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US Honeymoon ideas

My (38f) fiancee (35f) and I are getting married June of 2022. Our plan has always been to have a big 3 week honeymoon travelling all over Spain. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a passport and her parents lost her naturalization certificate. She has been procrastinating getting replacements and now it looks like we won't have all her paperwork in order for the dream honeymoon we've been planning.

Needless to say, I'm a little pissed off and completely heart broken. I'm trying to manage my disappointment and salvage our honeymoon. We are planning on having a small US honeymoon after the wedding and take our trip to Spain for our first anniversary. I still want to go somewhere nice, but we'll have to stay in the US.

I'm scanning Google and online articles for suggestions for US honeymoons, but everything seems to pale in comparison to our original plans.

Please help. I need suggestions for a US based honeymoon that don't make me feel like I'm settling.

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