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USA Honeymoons for a Picky Couple

Hi! My fiance and I are very much homebodies. The only vacations we really look forward to are tropical all inclusive resorts on the beach (have done Cancun and Aruba). Our honeymoon was planned for Aug 9-13 2020 in Punta Cana but due to their coronavirus cases and the recent dengue outbreak we're scrapping that until our 1 year anniversary (hopefully!). Also, my job has a policy in place currently that if I travel out of the country I have to take a two week unpaid quarantine upon return. I totally understand the safety aspect and am happy to do so, except we really can't afford for me to go unpaid for two weeks.

Some places we've looked at and decided against are Florida, Charleston, Aspen, Seattle.

We've been together 7 years, lived together for 3, and bought our house 1 year ago. Any USA based mini-moons that would feel luxurious, involve water and good food, and at least make the transition from unmarried to married feel special? I feel like I've spent full days scouring the internet and I'm not feeling inspired or attached to anything, but a "real" honeymoon the day after the wedding was very important to us to mark that transition. Thanks for any help!!

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