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Very stuck on choosing a destination and looking to travel next month

Yes, we are huge procrastinators and could've started planning earlier but oh well.

My husband and I are looking to go on our delayed honeymoon for ~2ish weeks in mid-July. The time isn't super flexible but we have a few days wiggle room on either end of the trip. We are flying out of NY/NJ. We're looking for a mix of relaxation, culture, good food, and a little bit of adventure/excursion type days. We'd like to avoid a place that'll be *extremely* crowded and/or hot. Not interested in places we've been before (much of Western Europe, Mexico, Dominican Republic).

Our shortlist so far is:

  1. Thailand- We both really want to go to Thailand but July falls during the rainy season and cuts out a few of the places we'd really want to see. We don't want to potentially have bad weather during the trip. I've seen some people say they've gone during rainy season and the weather has been fine, but I've read other accounts of people have rain every day and having to cancel a lot of activities due to it. Very unsure about this one.
  2. Croatia/Greece- We love the idea of lazily making our way down the coast, checking out the cities and beaches in Croatia, and ending up in Greece. I know that it's peak tourist season in Europe and I feel like it might be difficult to book things this close, especially in Greece. Any thought/tips?
  3. Belize- A few friends went recently and only had amazing things to say. We love the idea of spending half the trip on a Caye and half in the jungle. Anyone have experience with planning a Belize honeymoon?

We're open to other destination as well as long as they fit the bill. We are kind of in panic mode and would like to choose a place and book it very soon (like this week). Any advice/tips/destination suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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