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Vietnam recs & how to make it more “honeymoon”

My FH and I are planning to go to Vietnam for our honeymoon for ~3 weeks in December, over the Christmas period.

Looking for any recommendations of places to visit & stay.

  • We like history & getting out to see things.
  • We don’t have much of a plan at the moment
  • We’re going to try get to Laos for the gibbon experience in the honeymoon hut as part of our trip
  • We’re also not super seasoned in the way of finding our way around countries and needing to travel quite a bit (to see the most of the country). If anyone has any help in that aspect it would be great

I’m also now wondering if we should consider Fiji, the more I read the more I get swayed … though we’re not ‘swim in the sea and lay on a beach’ kind of people.

Any suggestions welcome 🤗

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