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Wanting a "real" Honeymoon

Hi everyone, I (23F) and my fiancé (25M) are over the moon about our New Orleans / French Quarter honeymoon this November. However, we're both a little worried in light of the Roe V Wade opinion drafts that recently were leaked. We've been together over 5 years and will be nearing 6 years by the time of our wedding / honeymoon. We've always practiced safe sex, whether it was condoms when we first started dating as teenagers or taking the pill religiously every day in addition to that. We no longer use condoms, because we are monogomous with zero doubts of the other and also always pull out. I take my combination birth control pill every single day between 7am and 7:30am without fail. I never miss. However, with abortion rights potentially in jeapardy, we are scared to finally be able to have the liberties that come with marital sex (consumation, to be less crude lol). I don't take antibiotics that might mess with it's effectiveness, and like I said I take that pill every morning like my life depends on it (definitely feels that way right now). Has anyone had anxieties like this or are post-honeymoon, enjoyed it fully, and don't have little ones on the way from it? Any advice would help. Sorry if this is weird lol. I have an appointment with my gynie later this month to talk about it as well.

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