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Warm destination for early November 2024

Hi everyone! I’m in the early planning stages for our honeymoon next November, feeling overwhelmed by the volume of options and researching good weather for each place!

My FH and I are looking for: – somewhere we can relax post-wedding, but also hopefully see some beautiful nature or explore some cute towns – warm tropical location but are limited by hurricane and rainy seasons in early November – we have been to Hawaii and would consider going back, but looking into new locales, especially ones that have all inclusive resorts – we definitely prefer that hilly, volcanic geography over super flat islands – MOST IMPORTANTLY we have been offered by my parents to have airfare covered if we fly Southwest! So looking closely at those locations

Budget wise we’d love to spend $5k or less, which would go a lot further if airfare is covered, unless there’s somewhere that airfare is reasonably priced! (We will fly from Chicago)

We’ve never done an all inclusive before, so looking for somewhere that has great food (very important) and that still feels luxurious and not too cookie-cutter.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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