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We cannot agree where to honeymoon

My fiancé and I cannot agree where to honeymoon—and it’s been months.

Neither of us have a ton of vacation time because we both work a lot. And he will have to answer some phone calls for work while we are on our honeymoon. I am not upset about this—he works really hard for us because we want to buy a house and I understand how his job is.

Anyways, I wanted to go to Europe or Australia. But he said he doesn’t want to go that far and be in a totally different time zone because of his job. Also, he doesn’t like to fly so I think that has also contributed it to it, because he doesn’t want to be on a flight for more than a few hours. We live in California.

Originally, he wanted to go to Jackson hole or Aspen—or do a cruise to Alaska.

I honestly was not excited about any of those option because they are all in the US, and I pictured my honeymoon on a beach. Also, I have been to Jackson hole like numerous times.

I suggested Hawaii as a compromise—but he does not want to go there because he says we live on a beach. He wants to go to the mountains or the wilderness because we loved to go camping when we first started dating.

He suggests Cabo, banff or Alaska now.

Cabo is a 30 minute flight from us—and it feels like something we could go to anytime. So I don’t think it feels special for a honeymoon.

Also, banff and Alaska I just am also not excited about either. I wanted to be at a nice resort with a beach. I also feel like we will have to travel a lot for both of those locations, and we only have a week.

I am still suggesting Hawaii, Cancun, Puerto Rico or the Floria keys.

It just feels like we are at an impasse and we have had so many conversations about it. I don’t know what do to do.

At one point he suggested that we could go where he wanted for the honeymoon and then I could plan our anniversary trip. But we are both really busy, and I’m not sure the anniversary trip will ever happen.

What should we do?

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