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We want to elope to a beach, but we’re lost with all the options!

My fiancé and I have decided to elope and roll a wedding and honeymoon into one. We've fallen in love with a wedding and island hopping package from a certain wedding coordination site based in the Seychelles. It sounds like a dream with a wedding totally taken care of (complete with a wedding photographer) plus transportation and lodging over 3 islands for 15 days. The price is really cheap which is nice since we don't have much money… but it also makes me worry that we would just get scammed and have a poor two weeks.

So, any suggestions for trustworthy wedding coordinators/honeymoon packages in the Seychelles or at similar beach destinations? We aren't looking for too much adventure as my fiancé and I both struggle with chronic illnesses. We just want a comfortable place on a beautiful beach where we can spend all day lounging!

Edit for additional info: We are hoping to be married in April or around then and we would be traveling from the UK.

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