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West coast honeymoon suggestions?

Hello all! I’m needing some serious guidance/recommendations. Here’s the deal: FH and I have decided to say f the wedding, let’s elope and use the money on the honey moon. We don’t have much time to take a vacation due to both being students and having 2 kindergarteners. FH ex wife lives in California and wants their child to come visit for spring break and it happens to be the only time we can honeymoon despite our spring break being cut down due to hurricane Florence (were in NC), but we are okay with calling her out of school for a few days. We’ve discussed all of us flying out there and parting ways with his daughter when she gets with her mother and us going wherever but we have zero idea where to go. I’ve been to San Diego and twenty nine palms area. We’ve discussed possibly checking out San Fransisco but other than that, are there some hidden gems that are romantic and fun during spring break? Bonus if it’s somewhere beachy (is California warm in late April?) Budget is around $6000. THANKS!

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