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What did you pay for a December honeymoon to Australia? Anyone done a honeymoon package to help control costs?

Hi everyone, my fiancé and I are hoping to honeymoon in Australia this December— it’s the only time we have 2-3 weeks to spend away due to his schedule. Several months ago I looked at flights and concluded it would be pricey, but doable— but now that December flights are viewable and we’d only have time in peak tourist season, it’s looking harder for us to make happen. I’m extremely bummed about that thought— I used to be a HUGE traveler but haven’t been interested in traveling in years, and the thought of going to Australia had me giddy with excitement.

We have $10k right now, and possibly will have more if people choose to donate to our honeymoon fund instead of buying a registry gift (we don’t have a ton of items, so I think this is likely but I have no idea how much we might get). I could save up a little more between buying tickets and getting there, but there are other financial considerations.

I’d love to know how much you spent on your trip to Australia to see whether it’s way too far out of budget— or alternatively, if anyone has had a good experience with a honeymoon package. I was looking at Audley and they have a couple of trips that would come out to around $13k, but I’ve never known anyone to purchase a trip package so it sketches me out a little.

Lastly, if there are any other suggestions you have on places that would be more affordable but still quite adventurous (and warm! I hate snow & cold), we are open to considering other places.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can share!!

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