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What to choose for our honeymoon.

Our wedding is in June but planning a honeymoon later around September-October.

We were originally thinking about an all inclusive resort near Xcaret/xplor but started looking at other options for the same cost.

Occidental at Xcaret was that option, we then started thinking Disney World and staying at one of the value resorts they have for easy park transportation. We love disneyland so we know we would enjoy our time there.

We then started to look at cruises mainly 7 day Mexican riviera from Los Angeles. There is a good selection of cruises to choose from Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise. We've done a few carnival cruises in the past and they are just okay, food is good but deserts are just okay most of the time. Food would be covered and drinks if we got a package. I'm looking for opinions on the 3 other cruise lines about the food, service and on board entertainment. We are in our late 20s and early 30s. We no the destinations they stop at are going to be great iv never been to them but fiance has.

Budget is about 3k, all options fall under that.

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