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What to do for a honeymoon

My fiancé rarely leaves the house and would honestly be happy spending our honeymoon at home but I would rather go somewhere and do something. He keeps saying we can do whatever I want but I would like to accommodate his wishes at least a little. He does not like to fly and he gets carsick pretty easily. My thoughts are:

1.) A cruise. We would have to fly to get there, which is the biggest drawback, but he did go with my family on a cruise last year and actually liked it despite his major anxiety beforehand.

2.) A hotel in a touristy spot a few hours' drive from home. It will be late spring in the Great Lakes region, so not exactly beach weather but it should be pleasant enough.

3.) A hotel in a local metro area, maybe a casino or spa. This would be the best travel-wise (no flying, little driving) but he does not gamble and I cannot picture him getting a facial or anything so it is probably the worst activity-wise.

Does anybody have any thoughts? If you have a travel-averse mate, what did you / are you going to do for your honeymooon?

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