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What to visit in the US? European Couple needs help!

My fiancée and I are getting married next year in June, so thankfully we've got plenty of time left to decide on where to go. We are wondering what you guys are thinking would be interesting to see as we are pretty overwhelmed by the sheer amount of interesting places the US has to offer.
I've been to the US once before as part of a student exchange program in 2009. I've stayed in Toledo, Ohio but visited Chicago, Niagara Falls and the ruins of Detroit.

We love getting in touch with local people so hopping in some Airbnbs might be pretty interesting too. In general we both are interested in arts & culture, specifically music and fashion. I thought about visiting Palm Desert as the birthplace of Stoner Rock (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, …), but am very open to other suggestions.

As the missus is a little afraid of flying we have to make a stop at the east coast (maybe NYC?) to take a little breather and recharge. As this is absolutely not negotiable, we should probably "split" the honeymoon and spent a few days in the first location and then take a second flight to another location. Getting around by car should be no problem for us, so day trips of 200miles around our stay will work just fine!

Both of us work pretty stressful jobs and we'd like to have a little "relaxation" part in our honeymoon, where we'd spent the day at the pool/sea and spa.

Thank you for your time and suggestions! Much love from Germany 🙂

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