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When should we honeymoon to Japan?

My fiancé and I are graduating from college May 3-4, 2024. Our wedding is June 8, 2024. We want to spend 2 weeks in Japan for our honeymoon. Assuming we will not have jobs lined up yet immediately following graduation, we will have a month’s worth of dead space that would be the perfect time to take roughly 2.5-3 weeks for our honeymoon (extra time accounts for travel time, rest day(s) for jet lag and time zone adjustment, etc.) since we would not have to worry about taking an unreasonable amount of time off from a job to take our vacation. However, in lieu of a registry, we will have a honeymoon fund for our guests to contribute to since we already have an apartment with everything we need. We will most likely need to rely on those contributions to go toward our trip, especially with plane tickets from the southeastern US to Japan being so expensive (two weeks in Japan for two people is roughly the same cost as just two round-trip plane tickets!) So, it is unlikely that we will be able to afford to go before the wedding. By the time June rolls around, it will be the time of year in Japan that we wanted to avoid due to the rain and heat, and we will need time to assess the earnings from the honeymoon fund, book flights in advance, etc. Additionally, if we didn’t have jobs immediately upon graduating (or if we did), we would definitely have jobs by this point, getting us back to the issue of most likely not being able to take off for the amount of time we want to spend on our honeymoon. One week is not enough time for the things we want to do, not to mention we are anticipating travel and rest days taking up the first few days of our trip. Any advice? Has anyone been to Japan from the US that has any travel tips/expectations? Tysm!

TLDR: How can we take 2+ weeks off from a new job for our Japan honeymoon without delaying it too far into the future?

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