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Where do we go after Antalya???

My partner and I are kicking off our honeymoon with both of our extended families (LOL) in Antalya, Turkey.

My dad is Iranian, so none of my father’s family, including my only living grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. can attend our wedding in the U.S. In order to be able to celebrate with everyone, my parents, his parents, siblings, and cousins are meeting the Iranian family in Turkey as it is the easiest middle ground (my grandparents cannot travel too far now as they’re approaching late 70’s/80’s).

We will be one big, happy family in Antalya for 5 days, all staying at the same resort. My fiancé and I are beyond excited! I’ve never been with my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and parents in the same room before and my fiancé is taking Farsi lessons so he can communicate with everyone. We will be on the beach and our hotel is all-inclusive so prices for food and drink are basically capped for that period of time.

BUT…where do we go after? We imagined taking 2-4 weeks for our honeymoon, some of that spent just the two of us. After 5 days in the South of Turkey, should we do Croatia, or switch it up and hop around Vienna, Prague, Budapest, and Bratislava? For context, we LOVE seafood, good pastries, and trying new things. I don’t eat pork though, which worries me for Vienna and other Eastern European countries. We also love the beach, art, live music, local places that aren’t overrun with tourists. We also have bad backs and will need comfortable places to stay that aren’t going to be astronomical in price, unless we can make some magic happen with credit card points 😉 Comfortable and affordable accommodations are a must.

TLDR: Would you recommend a jaunt around Vienna, Prague, Budapest, and Bratislava or choose to spend more time around Croatia? OR if you think there’s a better option for us after Antalya, Turkey, let us know!!

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