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Where should we go (from NL) in November / December?

Hi guys!

So, my husband-to-be and I are getting married in October and we would like to go on honeymoon either in November or between 6 and 23 December (don't want to cut it too close to Christmas). We have a budget of 5K and I thought that we'd have so many options, but it seems a little more limited than I'd like. We just want to get away for about a week (including flights, 9 days) because we have a toddler that we are leaving with grandpa and grandma. We would love white beaches, blue seas, and at least 25 degrees Celsius. A relevant fact is that we are flying from the Netherlands, and we do not want to fly for a day, so places like Hawaii or Fiji are out (TBF, we probably couldn't afford that anyway). I am currently looking into Mexico, Aruba, Bonaire, UAE, Dominican Republic, but other suggestions are more than welcome. My dream was Maldives but that's just looking to be too expensive, even for a week.

Our criteria are:

  • Budget = no more than 5 K (that includes flights, so for hotel probably no more than 2.5 / 3 K);

  • Time of year = November or between 6 and 23 December;

  • Flight time = no more than 15 hours and ideally no, but max one transfer, from NL;

  • Type of vacation= just tropical, white beaches, blue seas, etc, all inclusive

  • Weather = at least 25 degrees during the day, sunny, not a lot of risk of hurricanes

  • Duration = 1.5 weeks (9/10 days, including travel days)

I'm just really wondering if anybody has any suggestions for a) countries and b) hotels that they went to for their honeymoon that they loved that kind of fit above criteria. Bonus points if you know of a place within the Maldives that is not too expensive but amazing.

Thanks guys!

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