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Where to go for our Honeymoon?

After ramming our heads for hours me and my wife have finally shortlisted the below locations for our Honeymoon Now we need your inputs to understand and further drill down to one option to travel. We are planning to go in March end 2024 and want a peaceful relaxing honeymoon. However we just don't want to sit all day at our resort and do nothing. We want to visit tourist places. Pls note this would be our first time visit to all of these locations.

Please suggest which one should we choose and which we shouldn't

  1. Italy 2. Seychelles 3. Masai Marai 4. Amsterdam 5. Paris 6. Greek Islands(Mykonos & Santorini)

Note: pls do not suggest any other place apart from above as we do not want navigate away from above options.


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