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Where to go in central america?


my fiance are currently planning our honeymoon for the end of september. We live in germany and are planning to do a combination of Florida (because she defenitely wants to go to the US) and about 10 days in another destination in central america (because I want to go somewhere I've never been to).

We thought about costa rica, belize or the bahamas because it seems easy to get to from for example miami. But at the moment we are completely open for suggestions.

What I would expect from the trip is an Impression of the daily life and culture of the locals. For example one of my favourite vacations ever was to Kairo, Egypt where we visited a huge arabic market, beautiful mosques, a part of the city that is full of car workshops and restaurants where actual locals had supper. What I we are not intrested in are trips deep into the jungle or places where you'll only find tourists and hotel employees.

Do you have any suggestions for us?

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