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Where to go?

Ok so my partner and I can’t decide where we want to go. -We both hate the beach -Neither of us are really interested in a cruise -He wants to go to Japan one day, I’m kinda iffy on if I ever want to go -I want to go back to Italy (went with family when I was growing up) -I like to ski, he’s scared -Neither of us are really foodies -Both gamers -He’s a big anime/manga fan, I like it ok -I’m a big tech nerd, he’s only kinda interested in that stuff -Both want a more relaxed honeymoon, not a grand adventure that we’re exhausted from

No clue where to go, just know that we want to go somewhere and relax. Any ideas???

Edit to add: Will be going in November 2024 (I know it’s a long time away but we wanted extra time to save up for it, plus we still don’t know where to go so…)

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