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Where to Honeymoon in August?

Hello! We got married last week and are now starting to plan our honeymoon for August of this year.

Why August? That’s when my husbands company gives everyone a “free summer week” so we figured it would be good to tack on a honeymoon to maximize time off at least for his PTO.

We are struggling with a destination and I’d love some recommendations!

We are the types of people that after 2 days sitting on a beach we would get bored, so destinations with some variety or option for traveling around work best.

A few notes: I am not thrilled about going to the typical honeymoon spots like Italy or Greece in August because it will be super hot, and would rather not have to deal with boob sweat all day (iykyk). We still want to go to a spot that is somewhat pleasant weather so we can adventure outside easily. (Pleasant being 60-80° F)

Ideas like Scandinavia, Australia, even the Alps have come up as options.

We are west coast US based, but can use our credit card points to get just about anywhere.

Thank you in advance for the ideas!!!

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