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Where to Honeymoon in May 2025? Looking for Budget-Luxury

Hi all! As the title implies, i am going on my honeymoon with my soon to be husband in May 2025. I am seeing a lot of content online about the best "budget" travel destinations. However, this is often hyper fixated on the bakcpacker/hostel type of traveler. My question is — where can I go to pay the least possible for a luxury experience? We are looking for something on the beach primarily, but would also love to hike to some waterfalls and/or volcanos if possible. Good food is a plus (but not a hard requirement), as I can appreciate a beautiful country regardless. Also, given we want to go in May, we want to make sure it's a country with good weather at that time. Note: we don't care for party life, as neither of us drink, so bars/going out late at night is not important in our decision. Thanks so much for all your suggestions in advance !!

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