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Where to travel in October?

Hello All,

I am looking for some inspiration here. Some background, my GF is in MedSchool and doesn't get much time off if any, so in October she has a remote rotation, and will be the only time we can travel for roughly two years. I am going to propose then and hoping that we can use the rest of the week as our Honeymoon until she actually has time off.

With that said, we both will have to work which makes things a little bit more challenging. She works EST hours and I work PST hours. So we are trying to stay within 6 hours of EST time + or -. From everything I've read this makes things really tough because it's hurricane season in the Caribbean and wet season in costa rica/mexico. Does anyone have a good recommendation on where to go? My budget is (8-12k) for this as I know we won't be doing anything like this for a couple of years.

Any insight you can provide would be great thanks!

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