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Which Sandals location?

Debating the following Sandals locations for our 7-10 day honeymoon in early June of 2023. All are within our price range (mid-upper tier rooms) and we are coming from the US.

We are looking for relaxing, romantic, safe, good food/drinks, great beaches, views, ocean swimming and snorkeling, pools, variety. Basically what Sandals is known for!

Tennis and golf are a plus but not required.

We aren’t huge into party scene but would enjoy 75/25 relaxing nights/“go out” nights if there was some party scene at one of them.

How would you rate the following?

  • Antigua
  • Curaçao (new, but should have reviews over the next ~6mo)
  • Grande St. Lucian
  • Grenada

Thanks in advance!

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